Island of Calm

by Model Slaves

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released January 12, 2017

Recorded 2017 at Vaivé (engineered by Josep Nadal).

All music played by Model Slaves: vocals and lyrics by Victor Palacios, drums by Pep Lluís Palmer, guitar and banjo by Moncho Martín, guitar and synths by Tolo Fornés.

Album art by Ramón Debón Becker



all rights reserved


Model Slaves Palma, Spain

Atomic Winter, Frontier Post-punk

Hailing out from Palma, Spain, Model Slaves are singer and bassist Victor Palacios, drummer Pep Lluís Palmer and guitarists Moncho Martín (Niño y Pistola, Son and the Holy Ghosts) and Tolo Fornés (also synthesizer). ... more

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Track Name: Island of Calm
Mist like pus
The shuttle bus
That takes you back to Fobos boring in your neck
You’re such a total wreck
Snorting plane wakes
With your watery gaze
The swollen waves below won’t heal the pain
The taste of bitter bane
Soaking your brains

Island of Calm
You’re crawling on your puke
You’re swaying in the nude
The rush of slow-mo palms
Don’t notice being raped tonight
You won’t put up a fight
Cuz you’re defused
Island of Calm
The concrete’s warm tonight

Flashing thighs
Attract the flies
That swarm around the flickering stroboscopic pond
And pound their chest like Kong
Fighting planes
Assaulting Fay
Refusing no means no
They climb into your room
You’re such a total wreck

Track Name: Mother Mars
Accept my heart
Oh Mother Mars
The cavern yawns
Pregnant with dreams yet to be spawned
I spit red ocher on my palm
And sink my arm
Into the brood to heal the scar

Playing hide and seek
The curtain revealing my feet
She winces and covers her ears
Wishing I’d disappear

Silence cyanide
Chilly December
The time of the frozen lullabies
Bile-corroded and snide
Remarks in the embers
The time when our words turned to ice

I rub the rock against my wounds
As I descend into the womb
The scent of Mother’s skin and perspiration
Her lips teeming with bees buzzing “My darling”


The bubble town
Where larvae drown
She shouts
Olly, olly, oxen free
I numbly creep out of the hive
And leave my hatred skin behind
You know I buried her body in shallow ground
Before I fled the blazing den
I reach out kicking up my legs
As Mother’s features twist and swarm
To mirror mine
Until I’m stillborn

Playing hide and seek
The curtain revealing my feet
She winces and covers her ears
Wishing I’d disappear